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Thanks for you interest in our Shopify Services.  We are really excited to hear about your Shopify project. We offer a very diverse array of Shopify services, so if something is not list below just ask.  

To ensure the most accurate Shopify project quote, please provide us with as much information as possible.  We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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Frequently asked questions

It mostly depends on the needs of the website. If your choosing a Business in a box website it’s usually live within 72hrs. If you would like a fully customized site it can take anywhere from 6 – 10 weeks to complete a project do to the amount of research expected. Every website is different! You’ll normally received an accurate finish date after a Quote or consultation   

We currently only accept payment through Paypal. You do not need a paypal account, you can pay with any credit or debit card. We require half down or pay in increments. Their’s an option to choose payment arrangements in our Consultation Form 

Yes we redesign old websites. However the platform we build our sites on is wordpress. If you have a wordpress website or you are comfortable with us making the switch to worpress, we’ll gladly redesign your website. We’ll simply need your login information to your current hosting and domain registry account.

Well…a website is never complete but to answer to your question is Yes! its yours for the taking. You can do whatever you please with you site once its complete

A domain is the name of your website (Ex: usually a good place to purchase your domain name from is Namecheap they usually have affordable names  priced anywhere from $3-$10 dollars

Hosting puts your “domain name” live across the internet. Hosting accounts are usually ran by big internet companies. The better one in my opinion is SiteGround they are the best hosting company i’ve come across thus far in terms of support, website down time and security. 

We create your website on a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for you to go in and make changes on your own. Once your design is complete, we provide video and tutorials on how to change content and images and images to your website.

That’s fine! we also charge a small fee to go in and make changes to your website.


  1. Consultation- First we’ll have a detailed meeting or phone call about the overall strategy of the site. During this 30-45 min talk we’ll cover what the goals are for the site, give an estimated finish date, discuss whats included in the work we’re doing.
  2. Retainer/deposit- Next we’ll get started with the *strategic process of your website. Along with setting up your website’s domain, hosting, emails configurations and auto responders 
  3. Document submissions- This is the stage where you’ll send in your documents (images, content, addresses, contact etc.) for the website.
  4. 2nd deposit- We’ll begin researching leading competitors in your industry. The goal is to focus on the keywords and backlinks they’re using on their website. We’ll aim to reverse engineer their strategies and techniques.
  5. Content Curation- We’ll get started writing out your content (depending on the plan you choose). Also start with the web design structure and Seo
  6. Present your websites structure & plan- In this stage we present your websites structure and plans for the site. After your approval we’ll start building your website.
  7. Final testing- After we’re finished the design we’ll run a final set of tests to be sure that everything is functional and operating smoothly. You’ll have the opportunity to test the site as well.
  8. Final approval- Once we’re done testing the site its time for the final approval (or request for revisions) of the design. 
  9. Final investment- After your approval you’ll be required to make your final investment
  10. LAUNCH! Once we have your final approval, We launch! That marks the end of the process. 

After your final deposit is made you’ll be required to pay your hosting and domain registry fee once every year to keep your website live.

You’ll be notified of all emails and sales through your email address on file. 


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