Money Coaching For Business Owners

Altagracia Felix

Altagracia Felix is the Owner of Revitalize, Reinvent to Empower- R2E. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC) trained by the Money Coaching Institute out of California, Alta helps clients identify their unconscious or troublesome money patterns, behaviors, and beliefs. After helping clients realize the roots and emotional function of their relationship with money, Alta provides them with actionable, personalized steps to follow for achieving financial freedom.

As a money coach, Alta understands that achieving financial security isn’t just about building a budget based on crunching numbers. She respects that even our “worst” money habits serve a purpose. Our spending habits and relationship to money are deeply psychological, and Alta’s extensive training enables her to work with the mental and emotional mechanisms that inform her clients’ financial decisions.

Alta doesn’t approach money and financial coaching with a holier-than-thou attitude that places herself above clients. She is a professional who remembers a time before she acquired financial expertise. After learning to manage her own money by making mistakes and correcting course, she realized how many of her neighbors, friends, and colleagues needed financial literacy assistance but didn’t know where to go. To achieve long lasting financial security, they needed a qualified money coach who also understood their backgrounds. Thus, Alta founded Revitalize, Reinvent to Empower- R2E, through which she offers one-on-one coaching to individuals, couples, and business owners. She has helped numerous clients gain clarity, develop concrete financial plans, and feel less stresses and more empowered with their personal finances.

Dedicated to eradicating the cycle of poverty, Alta seeks to provide financial literacy and affordable money coaching to the historically disadvantaged populations who need it most. Accordingly, she belongs to the African American Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to individual and group money coaching, Alta manages finances in various professional settings. She spent nearly five years working at a debt collection agency acquiring valuable insight and knowledge. For over four years, she’s worked in financial administration and coordination at an Ivy League University with a multi-billion dollar endowment. She supports all budgeting and financial services and helps students, staff members, and faculty manage their budgets and maintain financial best practices.

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A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.” –Alexa Von Tobel


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