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Business in a Box

Select a pre-built template for your business. Choose your company's colors, add your logo and your custom content to each section and watch your website go live.


Fully Customized Web Design

Grow your business with a fully customized website. I build these sites around a proven formula that attracts visitors to your site and converts customers


We build your online store

We'll build your Shopify store for you, Shopify is the fastest-growing user-friendly platform for online stores. Everything you need to start and run your business online


Online store built from the ground up

We'll build a customized online store from the ground up. Afterward, you can manage your website or have us manage it for you

What makes us better than the rest

The Strategic Process

The strategy behind your website is more important than your actual design. Take a walk through the process we put your website through to turn visitors into customers.

WordPress Websites

We build our websites on a user-friendly platform called WordPress. After each design is complete we provide our clients with enough knowledge (video & written tutorials) to make changes to their website.

We Care About Producing Results

Results are what we're after! If your clients aren't converting or taking actions on your website, then our job isn't done. When you win, we win!

Not Just Website's

Anyone can build a nice looking website, But I've never heard a customer say "oh this is a lovely website lets give these guys our money". You need a strategic website that converts visitors into paying customers. We are so confident that our strategies will get you the results you're after, that we offer a 100% money-back Guarantee.

New client dashboard to help you manage your sites easily

Take a look at how easy and intuitive it is for clients to edit content  throughout their website. Instead of rehiring us to change content/images on your website, we’ve designed a dashboard to help save you money.

Trusted by over 100 businesses!

We value the trust that our clients have when they put their businesses in our hands. One of our core goals is to focus on creating lasting healthy relationships. We have your best interests in mind.

Online & phone support

Have an issue with your website?! We offer online and phone support. Simply fill out a complaint form in the dashboard area or schedule a phone call.

Fully-Managed Services available

Upon request, We will fully manage your website's updates, backups, security checks and monitor your site regularly (additional fee).

Expert Web designers

With a combined 6 years of designing WordPress websites and marketing those websites online.

Online & phone support

Have an issue with your website?! We offer online and phone support. Simply fill out a complaint form in the dashboard area or schedule a phone call.

Fully-Managed Services available

Upon request, We will fully manage your website’s updates, backups, security checks and monitor your site regularly (additional fee).

Expert Web designers

With a combined 6 years of designing WordPress websites and marketing those websites online.

Results For Clients



Trusted By Clients

While making website owners less stressed, more productive, and hopefully just a little happier. We’re honored and humbled by the great feedback we receive from our customers daily. We’re proud to measure our customer satisfaction rate at 98%, growing every day.

Frequently asked questions

It mostly depends on the needs of the website. If you’re choosing a Business in a box website it’s usually live within 72hrs. If you would like a fully customized site it can take anywhere from 3 – 10 weeks to complete, do to the amount of research expected. Every website is different! You’ll normally receive an accurate finish date after a Quote or consultation 

We currently only accept payment through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account, you can pay with any credit or debit card. We require half down or pay in increments. There’s an option to choose payment arrangements in our Consultation Form 

Yes, we redesign old websites. However, the platform we build our sites on is WordPress. If you have a WordPress website (or don’t have wordpress and are comfortable with us making the switch). We’ll gladly redesign your website. We’ll simply need your login information to your current hosting and domain registry account.

Well…a website is never complete but to answer to your question is Yes! it’s yours for the taking. You can do whatever you please with your site once it’s complete

A domain is the name of your website (Ex: usually a good place to purchase your domain name from is Namecheap they usually have affordable names priced anywhere from $3-$10 dollars

Hosting puts your “domain name” live across the internet. Hosting accounts are usually run by big internet companies. The better ones, in my opinion, is SiteGround they are the best hosting company I’ve come across thus far in terms of support, website downtime and security. 

We create your website on a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for you to go in and make changes on your own. Once your design is complete, we provide videos and tutorials on how to change content and images and images to your website.

That’s fine! we also charge a small fee to go in and make changes to your website.


  1. Consultation- First we’ll have a detailed meeting or phone call about the overall strategy of the site. During this 30-45 min talk, we’ll cover what the goals are for the site, give an estimated finish date, discuss what’s included in the work we’re doing.
  2. 1st Investment- Next we’ll get started with the *strategic process of your website. Along with setting up your website’s domain, hosting, emails configurations, and autoresponder 
  3. Document submissions- This is the stage where you’ll send in your documents (images, content, addresses, contacts, etc.) for the website.
  4. 2nd Investment- We’ll begin researching leading competitors in your industry. The goal is to focus on which keywords and back links they’re using on their website. We’ll aim to reverse engineer their strategies and techniques.
  5. Content Curation- We’ll get started writing out your content (depending on the plan you choose). Also start with the web design structure and Seo
  6. Present the structure & plan of your website- In this stage, we present your website’s structure and plans for the site. After your approval, we’ll start building your website.
  7. Final testing- After we’re finished the design we’ll run a final set of tests to be sure that everything is functional and operating smoothly. You’ll have the opportunity to test the site as well.
  8. Final approval- Once we’re done testing the site its time for the final approval (or request for revisions) of the design. 
  9. Final investment- After your approval, you’ll be required to make your final investment
  10. LAUNCH! Once we have your final approval, We launch! That marks the end of the process. 

After the final investment is made you’ll be required to pay

  1. Hosting and domain registration fee once every year to keep your website live.
  2. Updates and fees! We charge a $7.00 monthly fee to keep your site updated.

You’ll be notified of all emails and sales through your email address on file. 

Get More Business From Your Website TODAY!


The Strategic Process

The strategic process of our web design is like NO OTHER WEB DESIGN COMPANY in the industry. We are the only design company that builds websites through a conversion building funnel. We do so with a series of triggers and online tools that collect data on your potential clients.

Step 1

The first step to our funnel is having a voice recorded conversation (phone or in-person) about your business and your ideal client/customer. This will be a very in-depth  conversation, the goal of this conversation is to find out everything you know about the industry your in, along with who exactly your ideal customer is.

Step 2

Immediately afterward! we start the process of doing our research and gathering data on your ideal customers. We use online tools that track metrics like (1) What phrases are your ideal customers are typing into google (2) What parts of the world are they residing (3) What times are they online etc. We only use credible industry leading sources to collect this data.  

Step 3

Once we come up with a detailed blueprint of your strategy, next comes the stage where we design your actual website. We use a industry leading platform to design your website (Wordpress). Aside from a seamless dashboard for client use. Wordpress has powerful data collecting tools along with versatile design capabilities.

Step 4

During the design process, we focus more on the physiological part of the strategy. Starting with psychological research when we chose those your web design colors. Example:  How does this particular shade of this exact color make people feel? What impression will that color give off about your company? How will the exact combination of colors we chose impact your website visitors? What colors will we use on which sections of your website to help influence which part of your audience to take action you want?

Sounds complex enough for you?! well… It is very complex

Hopefully, by now you’re understanding how important every element of your website is. Even a faulty color could trigger a negative response from a visitor and just like that… off to another website they go.

*The strategic process comes with most plans and can take anywhere from 3-10 weeks to complete the entire process.


Wordpress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, powering over 30% of the websites on the internet today. It offers virtually limitless flexibility for the most common business needs. 

The most popular big-name-brands using WordPress today are Beyonce, The New York Times, Usain Bolt, The Walt Disney Company, Katy Perry and many more. 

Built for Clients Convenience 

One of the major benefits of using WordPress for our clients is that it has an extremely easy-to-use dashboard. Wordpress’s powerful yet simple back-end allows clients to easily go in and edit their own website’s content, images and information. No need for any knowledge of coding.

Results Driven

Once we understand what your projections are. We compare your projections with your industry’s leaders, the goal is to get the best results possible.  

Most of our plans include full on-page SEO, Image optimization and meta 

Actual client results

tags to help push your website to the front page of google. Additional services we offer to boost your website’s visibility in google and other search engines is to find outside sources to link to your website. 

  • Link Building
  • Social Media 
  • Brand Mentions

This process is called off-page SEO, It can be the cornerstone of driving customers to your website.

Here are some of the most recent case studies for our clients.



Company: Abundant Home Inspection

Companies needs: The client needed a more modern web design.

Time spent on site


The average time a customer spent on the website: 53 secs


The average time a customer spent on website after redesign: 3 min, 49 secs

Average bounce rate


The average bounce rate customer spent on website: 73%


The average bounce rate after redesign: 26%

Engagement Rate


The average engagement on original website : 2.12 actions


The average engagement on redesigned website : 4.6 actions

*A “bounce” is a visitor who views a single page, then leaves.
*An “action” is a form submission, order, scheduled appointment, etc.

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